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At USSG Ltd, our K9 security services are designed to keep you, your staff, and your property safe and secure. Having a professionally trained guard dog on-site minimises the chances of vandalism, theft, or any other criminal activity, making intruders think twice about entering your site. K9 protection is ideal for locations such as construction sites or industrial sites, where valuable equipment and machinery are stored overnight, but CCTV can be an inconvenience. Our dog handlers and security dogs make an unbeatable combination, with the dogs showing controlled aggression when facing an intruder.

 Our fully licensed handlers are always in complete control of our guard dogs. We also have programs for those teens who need to take only the behind-the-wheel or classroom part of the course. Having a highly experienced, specially trained guard dog and handler patrolling your site greatly improves site security, reducing costs compared to multiple static guards or CCTV and alarm systems, and minimises the risk of criminal activity. For further information, please contact us.

USSG K9 services

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